Hey, I’m



Welcome to blogsbyjess,
I’m so glad you’ve found
your way here.

Hey, I’m jess

Welcome to Blogsbyjess,
I’m so glad you’ve found
your way here.

My name is Jessica Jenkins! I am a 17 year old foodie. I love all things food, I mostly spend my time testing, baking and photographing my recipes.
I love to share my recipes and help others create the wonderful memories I have made in the kitchen. I am so grateful that I am able to pursue my dream job at such a young age.
Look around the blog! Stay awhile and maybe pick out your favorite recipes!

“When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me reading a good book or watching an good show”

I decided to start my blog in the spring of 2020, once the pandemic had taken over my city I felt like there was something I should do. I took the step towards my dream life and started my first blog. It didn't last long but then I created Blogsbyjess. Blogsbyjess has had many different versions over the last year but after realizing that the constant joy-bringer in my life was baking, cooking and food photography I knew that it was meant to be.
Why food? After struggling with my relationship with food my whole life I decided to create a lasting healthy relationship since I loved to bake so much. This has been a way for me to explore what a healthy lifestyle looks like while still enjoying all of my favorite and soon to be favorite desserts.

Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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